Strategic development

All great campaigns begin with a great strategy. A strategy from Guru101 is a strategy that works.

Above the line

We are a full service above the line agency with extensive knowledge of what the consumer wants to see and hear ensuring relevancy, memorability and impact.

Below the line

Each of campaigns is unique. Our innovation is rarely matched but always ensures sales results within the context of the brand strategy. From alternate media to the last three steps, we cover all the bases ensuring brand success.


When having an identity crisis, we provide the full spectrum of design. Just remember the few simple rules that can make or break your brand...

New product technology

How about a touch screen kiosk that talks to you and knows exactly who you are and what you like. It can then encourage you to buy specific brands, products or services with ease. Meet CID (Customer Interaction Device)

Channel Marketing

From a display and facings incentive to a specific volume driven channel campaign or even a channel loyalty and sales programme, we possess a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience in this field.

Direct Marketing, Teasers, Launch packs

From an ice cream box made out of real chocolate to a pick axe cast in ice, Guru101 has the most unique solutions.


It's not just about hosting people but about the greater brand impact, relevance and memorability. Guru101 develops and manages events from the biggest launch to the smallest function.


An obvious extension of our services. If you are looking for innovation, impact, relevance and memorability then we can provide this solution.

Strategic Data Management

Who is your most valuable consumer? How about where they live or the demographic breakdown of your consumers not by LSM but by actual addresses. Sound impossible? Why, we have been doing this for clients for a number of years. But this is just part of this service, we capture, compile, analyse and manage data.


Need to motivate your staff? Or someone else's staff to sell your products. Our incentive programmes are the natural choice.

Media Strategies and Buying

Interested in effective, insightful and presonalised media placement? Then let our specialised team give you a hand.