This agency is dedicated to our clients whose patience and passion has created great brands and great advertising.

We have given the last few years of our lives to this agency and hope this doesn't go unnoticed. It's been an amazing few years of great advertising and we have tried to capture some of the campaigns in this site. What we can't capture is the spirit of the agency; the good times, the tough times, the challenges and the reward.

We are a young agency so don't expect to see years and years of history. What we have achieved was achieved in a very short period of time. Many in the industry say "How the hell do you do it?" All we can say is it took a little luck, tons of experience and great cliets who believed in us and team work.

When the rules change, the tools change

When we formed Guru101 we wanted to create an agency based on honesty, integrity and quality.

Having come from very big agencies we knew the downfalls and weaknesses of these archaic monoliths and so we did things differently. We created a new agency methodology where clients can get the most efficient service and product quality they demand.

We don't want to become the biggest agency, we want to become the best. This means that we can give each job and product our total focus and create a more efficient and cost effective client-agency relationship. We only want a few select clients who we can look after and who appreciate this type of service. We don't want to mass produce products, we want to put our hearts and souls into once-off works of passion and quality. We believe this produces the best brands. In the United States, they call this a "boutique agency". Whatever you want to call it, we believe it is the future of advertising.

Our creative process allows us to approach each project from a unique point of view and this has helped us gain some highly sought after accounts. We never wear just a creative hat but a business hat as well and always make creative and strategic business decisions. We don't create advertising without assessing all of the brand's strengths and weaknesses from pack design to product USP and the entire brand image and experience. We attack the task from every concievable angle, tearing it apart and putting it back together, piece by piece. Then, it just clicks. It's an amazing feeling, part gut feel and part methodology, like a perfect equation. You just know it's right the moment you see it.

It's not just about awards; what we're interested in, is achieving brand successes. This is the only true award for excellence in advertising. When the product sells and the client is happy, then we are truly content!

We want to enjoy what we do and we want to enjoy seeing great advertising. We yearn for a time when consumers switch their TV's on to watch the advertising and not just the programs. There is very little advertising that we enjoy today and these standards must be uplifted. Clients must choose agencies for the right and not the wrong reasons. Just because agencies are big, and have won numerous awards or are constantly in the press doesn't necessarily make them great agencies. The current Objectivity agency rating, proves this, as the monoliths struggle to deliver. It's time to choose fresh, new thinkers who can!

Why you, why us?

You are looking for answers which we can provide.

To be able to solve our clients business problems, we possess extensive knowledge in all aspects of advertising, sales and marketing. It is with this unique approach that Guru101 provides a sound solution for all successful brand futures.

We pride ourselves on the fact that each brand solution, is complete, it's not just a TV commercial or a print campaign, it's a total communications solution that builds brands and drives sales.

Since September 2001 we have passionately committed ourselves to each brand's project. Our open and honest approach has allowed us to avoid ineffectual campaigns and strategies, rewarding us with a history of successes. Out track record speaks for itself.

Over 39 combined years of building other great marketing, sales and advertising agencies, created the birth and growth of Guru101. We are your strategic partners working with you every step of the way, to provide a comprehensive through the line brand solution. While this is unique, so are our clients, their brands and you.