Garth Palmer

Garth has worked in the advertising industry for over 25 years. He began his career at Ogilvy & Mather Rightfor Searle-tripp and Makin, then onto Linday-Smithers, and J. Walter Thompson. Thereafter Gitam and Sky (a Dubai based Agency), and has now ventured on his own to conquer the world of advertising. Garth has worked in the entire spectrum of business, including most major categories, one of his most memorable was the "Sasol Little Boy". He has recieved numerous international and local advertising awards during his carreer.

Phone: 082 903 1471

Julie Hadden

Julie has been working in the graphic and advertising field for the past 12 years, including a 2 year period in a repro department, where she was involved in every aspect of the production of advertising. She accredits everything she knows to the people she surrounds herself with, and has learnt many skills because of this. Tackling everything head on, this hard work has lead her to being an integral part of Guru101, offering her design, writing and production skills to an agency she believes in.

Phone: 083 591 6687